Sponsored Food Challenge: Patak’s Authentic Indian sauces, pastes, chutneys, and pickles

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Hi everyone,

We have a food experiment challenge this month: What's your favorite authentic Indian dish recipe?

We would like for ChefTalk experts to share what they made with us using the products found here: https://www.pataksusa.com/

We’ve seen anything from Indian Tacos, to using the curry paste as the sauce in an Indian Curry Pizza, Indian flavored chicken wings, Indian inspired bowls, etc., vegetable sauces and meat marinades.


Freebie Alert: We want to send you FREE samples to try out. To request a free sample (one single sample will be a case of 6) of your choice by visiting our request form here **U.S. mailing addresses only**: [Removed, contest is expired] - We apologize but we cannot ship any samples or packages to non-U.S. mailing addresses. As a kind reminder, P.O. boxes, international addresses that are outside of the U.S. are not accepted.

How to Enter:

1. Reply to this thread and post up a photo and/or favorite Indian or Indian-inspired recipe
2. Tell us why it's your favorite!

A winner will be selected on April 30th at 5 PM Pacific.

One lucky winner with the most creative idea will receive the grand prize: $50 gift card


1. You must be a registered user of ChefTalk.com and be in good standing with at least 5 posts.
2. You must have a valid email on file with your ChefTalk.com account. (This is how we'll contact you if you are the winner.)
3. Each member is only allowed one entry per day (24 hours). A user may have a maximum of 7 entries.

See here for our full contest rules here.

Good luck!
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I use Patak's sauces all the time. Great tasting and very convenient.

Also crazy expensive, but I justify the purchase by pretending that my time is worth more.
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It's the brand I use for premade Indian. Probably have at least a jar of the vindaloo in the fridge.

Maybe who ever gets selected to host the April challenge could tie it into this.

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I've not cooked much Indian Cuisine, so I'm pretty excited about the free samples.
I'll give it a try
Let's GO!!!
(SSSSSHHHHHHHHH don't tell DH, he'll eat whatever I put in front of him so long as it's not creamy or too far off base)

I also meant to mention, I hope that my free samples get here before the end of the contest so that I can get under the wire. I have a coupla ideas ...
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... and whatever happened to Patak's Tandoori marinade? This stuff was amazing for marinating and grilling chicken. Loved it. I'm saddened to see it's not one of the products listed on your site any longer ... ?? :(

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French fries, they show this one on their wed site. This looks to be about the same. The kind of thick marinade that you just rub into the chicken and let marinate in the refer for a few hours.

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Indeed!! Thank you Chef Billy B. I didn't realize there was a selector at the top of the products page. Too bad this paste isn't part of the samples... great paste.
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I just jumped on board. Excited to try this brand. I used to keep a closet full of spices and toast, grind, etc. often but since I moved and threw out the spices I had acquired over the years I have not had a good Indian dish at home in over a year!
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So if I read this correctly, samples are a case of six and you can choose several?
Hi! Unfortunately, they are produced in cases of six jars, so the sample will be six jars of the same variety. We wish we could send six different ones for you to try, but our it's best that we ship the samples in their proper cases.
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Believe it or not:
It's even available here in Zambia :)
Not always easy to find though.
I normally have one or 2 different sauces at home for a quick curry fix
Patak's pickles are particularly good. I've tried to replicate their Aubergine Pickle and the Hot Lime Pickle but in the end gave up because the Patak's was better than I could make! I always have a jar of both in the cupboard.


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Hi everyone, I'm so excited to see everyone requesting samples from our friends at ACH Foods. I've gotten some notes I would like to share so that we can get as many samples out to you all:

1. As a kind reminder, we cannot accept international or non-U.S. shipping addresses. If you have left us an international shipping address, we have sent you a follow-up to let you know that we cannot send you a sample. We apologize!

2. If your form submission is incomplete, we cannot send you a sample. Please fill out the form entirely, including a validated email that is used on your ChefTalk.com account. If we cannot verify this, we cannot send you a sample.

3. If your email is valid, but your U.S. mailing address is incomplete, we will contact you directly. Please be sure to check your email inbox and spam inbox for our correspondence. We want to get you your samples ASAP!

Thanks everyone for being so excited in our monthly challenge. We have been processing your sample requests all this week so you should receive them in a few days. Enjoy!
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Just got my shipment! Thanks! Looking forward to getting creative with these sauces! Hopefully can start on this Monday.
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