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In the October issue of Food Arts magazine, there is a fun articale about Autumn squashes called Squash games page 205. It has a listing of all the hard squashes ,there history, cooking methodes and some nice recipes, Also for those who remember Alain Chapel, There is a wonderful articale about him and many fond rememerences from those who worked with him Like Ducasse and Keller, Thought you guys would enjoy these two stories
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Hey you guys...I've been reading Food Arts for years, but because I am a *food service professional* I get a free subscription. So if you guys are in the biz, see if you have friends who get the mag cause a card usually comes with it.

It's a great resource. I like that magazine.
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OH yeah...I want to meet the French cheese makers that were on the cover a few monthes ago....before the euro gov'ts make unpasteurized cheese illegal! Do you believe these guys?!!! I swear paper pushers must not care about cheese (or food) to even consider irradicating this ART....hello velveta
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YUMMMY >>>>>where would we be without reggiano....shredded velveta (pcf) I'll see if my alfredo tastes the same

I'd do an active pucking smilie but there isn't one.
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Terry Brennan, Picoline, NYC is ready to make major stomping of feet over the cheese debocle. Show your support for unpasturized cheese, honk!
Seriously, this is a big deal and one that chefs must address. Find a local cheese stronghold and help out with cards and letters.
The world can't loose the beauty of artisan cheese.

It ain't easy, being cheesy. ~ the cheetoes cheetah.
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