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    I am not up to date with technology, this is the first time I have ever entered a chat room. I am 38 yrs old with 24 years of restaurant experience, 8 years of management experience and 3 years of professional culinary training. It's nice to find a place I can finally get some good feedback on the horrible things I witness in this complex industry. I have a knack for finding myself in businesses where I am the more skilled and experienced person in the kitchen. Even with a chef certification, sanitation certification, I'm not able to do my job properly because the people in charge don't fully understand the roll of the chef in the kitchen. I have tried the calm approach with indisputable mathematical fact that shows a profit loss because  the food and bev director doesn't have a clue what he is doing. Why is the food and bev director purchasing food, designing and pricing the menu wrong, trying to do the chef's job you ask, because he calls himself the executive chef. He couldn't tell the difference between top round and Boston butt. He uses the crappy red cooking wine and beef base to make what he thinks is demi glace. No concept of what a good chef is or that he is insulting me by calling himself a chef when I had to earn the title with hard work and alot of sacrifice. How can you even talk to someone that thinks that the culinary institute instructors are training me the wrong way?
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    LOL!  I've read this somewhere before.  The details may have been slightly different but I'm sure I've read it before.  ;)