Food addict!

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Hi all! Just realized the title sounds a bit suggestive, but never mind...

Anyways, I have always loved cooking and love using fresh ingredients. No tins or bottle sauces for me! I particularly love pasta, mostly because it tastes good with most ingredients and is a quick and easy way to get good food into your tummy./img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif I have also started baking cupcakes and thoroughly enjoy it. I love getting creative with the frosting and personalizing recipes.

Looking forward to learning some new stuff here and being part of community!
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Aloha, Welcome Littledreamer to Chef Talk.

As you've already discovered, the membership here is vast.

You'll find Home Cooks, such as you and me, as well as Master Chefs and everyone in between, from all countries.  I'd be willing to wager that you've also taken a look at the Articles, Reviews and Gallery photos.  I can see that you've found some forums to participate in; on that note, we are asked as non-Professionals not to post in the three forums reserved for those employed in the industry.  It does make for an interesting read though, some chefs are very passionate about their work. 

Once you've gone over the FAQ and the Community Guidelines, should you have more questions in regards to the website, you can PM a Mod or Admin person.  I have found that the Search bar at the top of the page most helpful on topics of benefit to you, many have been around the block several times over.

I hope that you enjoy yourself!
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Terribly sorry about that! I may read over the forum rules again! Very good tips and interesting info here so happy to be apart of the community :)
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Welcome Littledreamer,

I have read that you enjoy fish and chips, have you ever had Paolo Nutini's father's fish and chips ? Just curious. Great to see you on the forums and welcome your thoughts.

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