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i've never used fondant as a cake coverage and i've be told it is much better than sugar paste papers.
what is the best fondant recepie ? after it's ready when will it be possible to work with? and how?
i'm sorry for all the questions and would really appreciate any advice on the matter...
thank you
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IME trying to make your own rolled fondant is a PITA and ends up costing more in time and money than it is worth.
My go to brand is Fondarific.
Easy to work with, tastes great and their white will satisfy the pickiest BTB.
Rolls out to 1/8 inch without tearing so actually is a smart buy when it comes down to the $.

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My brand is Satin Ice. It tastes good and it's pleasant to work with. If you make fondant, look for a recipe for marshmallow fondant.
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Fondant, as I know it, is a heavy sugar syrup, poured out onto a slab, allowed to cool, then has the (deleted) beaten out of it until its white. You heat it up with a bit of liquid and pour or drizzle it over your items.

Rolled fondant comes out if a box, and has a long, mysterious ingredient list. When it is rolled out thicker than1/4" it is, indeed, "gross" to eat.
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