Following "Bobby Flay and his wife": What do you think about celebrity chefs?

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    Ok. I didn't want to steal the thread and I started one on my own...

    What do you think about celebrity chefs?
    Let's name some of them:
    Alton Brown
    Anne Burrell
    Anthony Bourdain
    Emeril Lagasse
    Giada De Laurentiis
    Gordon Ramsay
    Guy Fieri
    Ina Garten
    Jamie Oliver
    Marco Pierre White
    Mario Batali
    Michael Symon
    Nigella Lawson
    Paula Deen
    Rachel Ray
    Robert Irvine
    Wolfgang Puck

    I always enjoy watching Alton, Emeril, Jaime and Mario. I think they are REALLY knowledgeable but funny too. You can really learn something from these guys.
    I don't mind watching Rachel.

    What about Gordon? If you say Bobby is arrogant - what to say to Gordon?!?!?
    Paula and her "y'all" drives me nuts!

    p.s I LOVE Chef John from FoodWishes. That's the show I really like to watch (and learn). I don't need chef's face on screen all the time. Just his/her hands and voice.