folded butter bun recipes?

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Many years ago in a Bakers in West Allerton , Liverpool, a baker produce "butter buns" which were a folded pastry, triangular in shape with a fairly "dense" dough consistency, the whole party was only about 3/4 inch thick and there was a delicious syrup filling in the middle layer.

Does anyone know of a recipe for anything that sound like this.
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Just taking a look through the archives.  This thread is a bit old, so hope this still relevant - I  used to make something quite similar- but different shape using croissant dough, and rolling like you would a pain au chocolat.

I had a look and think this link describes exactly what you are looking for though.

They mention lardy cake, so a Chelsea bun recipe dough would probably be a good starting point for the  'bun dough'  mentioned, then follow the method described on the link.
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