flourless cake scraps

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Hello all,  I have cups of left over cake from my flourless creations. Does anyone have an idea of how to use em, can drying them out, puree add butter add pat in pan work. Thanks for your help. Diane
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mix them with icing, scoop them, stick them on a stick and dip um in either choc, nuts, coco, etc.....

rum balls.... nuts, raisins, rum

crumble and use as garnish
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I am not sure how adventurous you wish to be, but the pastry chef at Momofuku Milk Bar does a plated dessert that uses brownie crumbs as a component.  I am thinking that your flourless cake crumbs would work well. Here is a link to her recipe, perhaps it will provide inspiration for your own creation -http://www.plateonline.com/MembersOnly/Recipes/RecipeDetails.aspx?RecipeId=11839 

PS - I couldn't find the recipe on another site, so you need to register to view this one, but it is free.
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