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    I'm teaching an ice cream camp next week....ice cream, toppings, cones, pie and popsicles.....5 days about 1.5 hours (3 total but I'm sharing with an art teacher) second graders!!!! So cool popsicles....does anyone know how to make them with blueberries floating in the popsicle? Maybe a clear fluid.

    Ice cream...."chocolate covered strawberry"
    strawberry Ice cream with ganauche topping.

    cones....formed and rimmed

    Toppings....Fudge, nuts, berry sauce, crumbles....

    Pie....graham cracker crust with toppings and ice cream.

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    I have taught an ice cream classes to children 7-12.
    There is a wonderful book called "Mudluscious : stories and activities featuring food for preschool children" by Jan Irving and Robin Currie. Although it is for preschool children, many of the activities are age appropriate for children as old as 12. It has a chapter dedicated to nothing but ice cream with ideas for activities cooking and otherwise as well as books with the ice cream theme. It also gives you alot of other ideas that can be centered around cooking.
    Hope this helps. If you cannot obtain this book let me know and I will send you the ice cream info.
    We did not do popsciles-that is a terrific idea though, but we did make our own ice cream from 2 cans one inside the other.Then you roll it over a rough surface.The directions are in "Mudluscious"
    We also did the ice cream pie, allowing each child to put a scoop of ice cream in the pie and decorating it with syrups we made (hot fudge) and toppings and letting them pipe out some whipped cream tinted different colors.
    WE also put our own ingredients in the ice cream by spreading it out and sprinkling the ingredients and mixing it all together.Kind of gets messy..
    You can make your own waffle cone.
    Make an ice cream cake very simply. Just open a box style carton of ice cream and put it on a platter.Have the children frost it with whip cream and then decorated it with sprinkles and assorted fruits and candies.

    We also worked with ice cream and watermelon basket. I of course cut the basket for them then they made watermelon balls we added assorted fruits to it then put some simple sugar syrup on top and used it as a topping for vanilla ice cream or sherbert.
    From years of teaching children's cooking classes, I found that the more involved the children can be, the more fun they will have.

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    Kids and Ice cream, what fun! I highly reccomend any book by Donna Erikson, she has several food activites broken down into age groups. I seem to remember one that makes "watermelon" out of sherbet. Line a bowl with saran wrap and then a light coating of lime sherbet for the rind. Freeze breifly and then fill in with cherry sherbet (with chocolate chips as the seeds). allow to freeze completly. Pull out of bowl with the saran wrap, and slice. Enjoy!
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    When I was little, my Mom would make popsicles out of fruit nectars, and add fresh fruit to them. Maybe you could do strawberry nectar with blueberries! We also had pudding pops, which you mentioned. Fruit juice also works, but it melts faster in the sun than frozen nectar.

    Hmm.. I make frozen chicken broth cubes for my dogs... you could always see if they wanted to eat those... just kidding.