Flax Seeds/Flax Oil

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Anyone using these products for health benefits? I had read where it's best to grind the seeds and put in oatmeal, bake, etc. for good health benefits. Then I read it's better to not grind them and eat them, then other places say just use flax oil.

How do you use flax?
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I think that I've seen flax as one ingredient in Uncle Sam Cereal, sold in health food stores, used as a laxative. Doesn't linen come from flax? :eek:
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I'm not certain if it's the same thing but when painting with oil paint theirs a oil we use to slow the drying process down that's called flax seed oil, could it be the same thing? I'm pretty sure the stuff in the art store isn't edible.
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Flax is a multi use plant. The fibers from the plant are used to make linen. The oil from the seeds are used to make paint, solvents and finishes for wood furniture. The flax seed when grown as a food source is high in nutrients, fiber and essential fatty acids helpful to the motabolism.
I use flax seed quite a bit in bread baking. I make a high fiber bread which includes oat and wheat groats (soaked and dried chopped grains), wheat bran and flax seed. When making granola, I also include a few tablespoons of whole flax seed and when making up a seed mix to coat seeded baguettes, I combine flax seed with fennel seeds, sesame and poppy seeds.
When using flax seeds, always buy organically grown seeds. Flax seeds grown for other uses than a food source contain potentially toxic pesticide, fungicide and fertilizer residues.
I just can't get away from the crunchy granola style cooking sometimes-but at least now folks don't consider this style freaky anymore.
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If anyone needs a source for organic flax I can hook you up. We use flax as a suppliment for the horses, and I am a distributer for an organic feed mill...

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