Flavoured Oils & Vinegars

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I want to make flavored oils, I have plenty of recipes and ideas for flavors but I am not sure of the process. Some say just add herbs and spices in and other says heat the oil to infuse the flavor and prevent botulism. I need specific instructions on the process of making and bottling please?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you:)
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Most depends on what herbs - dryed or fresh you use. Especialy with oils. Also what for - dressing or cooking. Oils soak flavor from dry herbs slowly if its cold blend, but to heat oil for dressing is not right anyway, I think. But if You use it for sauces or shalow frying, it goes out right away under heat. In my opinion method is not a matter if you got result!
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hello from mike in england,

re flavoured oils & vinegars... sterilise your jars or bottles
with either tablets or in a hot oven after washing for 20mins
suggest blanching & refreshing any herbs but generally you
just need to wash things like chillies, you should cover contents
completely with oil or vinegar & aim to use within 3 months.
any oxidisation or spoilage will show visually. try red chillies,
peppercorns,garlic & thyme.this gets better with age.try this pheasant breasts marinated in oj peel juice red wine
bay & garlic . quickly pan fry dried breasts in chilli oil & deglase
pan with balsamic vinegar.



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