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Marmalady's coffee thread prompted me to ask all of you what you flavor your coffee with- or what flavors you like.

I grew my rather strong brew in a 4-cup Mellitta maker I got as a premium from Gevalia some time ago; it does a good job. I've been enjoying the flavor I get when I add a dash of ground cardamom to the grounds before brewing. I like the flavor of cinnamon, but I can't seem to get a strong enough flavor from adding ground cinnamon (I use a strong Vietnamese cinnamon from Penzey's). I tried using a piece from a cinnamon stick and putting that in the pot to steep as the coffee drips, but that didn't work either.

Any suggestions? I really want to avoid that sludgy residue you get from sprinkling it into a mug of brewed coffee.
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Call me a purist but I can't stand drinking coffee that taste anything other than coffee. The mere smell of vanilla or hazelnut coffees make me nauseous.

My current brand is Timothy's Kenyan Noir. I brew it stronger than they do at the Timothy's coffee shops. Nice, round and rich flavour.

Mezz, I have heard of people putting ground cinnamon in with the grinds. Maybe when you buzz your coffee beans, you should buzz a piece of cinnamon bark along with it. (?)
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That sounds like a great idea, cchiu. I'll look for some of the oil used to make candy. That might work. I'll also try the crushed cinnamon stick.
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Chicory, Kahlua or actual pecan coffee.....there was a roaster in Houston that made an incredible pecan coffee with actual nuts in with the beans....
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I like mochas with orange flavoring. Yum. Or macadamia nut syrup.

Mezzaluna- if you can eat chocolate, find some mexican chocolate (already has cinnamon in it!) and that should melt fairly well into your coffee. There is cinnamon torani type syrup, but it tastes more like cinnamon candies (red-hots) than cinnamon sticks. I find adding vanilla flavor (or extract) brings out the cinnamon as well in a dark coffee.

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I'm with Anneke on this one; coffee should be left alone. (Depending of the brew, it may be rounded off with a little half & half and some raw sugar.) When I get my daily cup of joe at Starbucks, I hear the most amazing requests for coffee drinks in which the coffee is entirely incidental. If it were omitted I'm sure the drinker wouldn't even notice!
I gotta wonder why somebody thought to flavor coffee in the first place. Was it because the coffee was poor quality?

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We used to have place in the next town where I stopped every day for coffee where the guy roasted his own, and that's exactly what he told me..they flavor inferior beans. They closed a while ago. Must be a tough way to make a living, cup by cuup. I guess they were so succesful he went into wholesaling. The only other palatable coffee on the way to work is sold in a place several miles away but it doesn't open till 6 so I only get there a day a week or so. It's kind of like getting a raise.
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I think it is amazing, the things that people can do with coffee. I like my Starbucks black. I used to do the flavors thing, but since the first taste of Starbucks I decided to go bare:)
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Yup, bare naked coffee for me! Although the roasted pecans do sound interesting...................................;)
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I knew I liked you for some reason Anneke :) I like coffee flavored coffee, strong and black. There is a small roaster here in NYC called Oren's Daily Roast. They roast in small batches and sell in 6 outlets in the city. Great stuff!
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Anneke rules! I also prefer coffee that tastes like...well...just coffee! :D

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