Flavored chips... where do you draw the line?

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I'm just stunned to see the choice for flavored chips here in France... is there such a thing as going too far??

Pizza flavored chips? Chili-chocolate flavored chips? Bell pepper/chorizo? Yakitori? Grilled cote de boeuf? Braised chicken? Camembert? Hot goat cheese? :eek:

aro_petits_oignons_125grecto-v.jpg aro_vinaigre_125g-v.jpg aroaioli125gr-v.jpg arocheddaroignon125g-v.jpg arocomte125gr-v.jpg arocotedeboeuf125gr-v.jpg arofromageherbes125gr-v.jpg arotapenade125gr-v.jpg bre540c01-v.png bre541c01-v.png
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Consider yourself lucky... lots of choice. :)

Some of those flavors would make me gag. In general, I find most flavored chips to be fun, if not enjoyable... but with totally artificial taste.
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Not just chips. Lately I've noticed lots of things get flavored like other things. Coffee isn't just coffee flavored anymore. At the liquor store yesterday to buy wine and they had a line of flavored whiskeys. Having dinner at a fine restaurant awhile ago and the sweetbreads were offered as Buffalo wing flavored.
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Bon Jour FF,

Makes we imagine a room full of test kitchen staff laughing all the way to the bank...
What's the status on those Balsamic Anchovy Chips???
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This made me giggle...
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Salt, Sea Salt maybe pepper, but I have a hard time with "flavored" potato chips. One thing not considered is a lot of "extra" flavorings use wheat as a vehicle so not good if you are on a gluten free diet koukouvagia koukouvagia .
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From a culinar stand-point, I draw the line on non-savory flavors because, unlike crackers or rice/oat puffs, potatoes have enough of their own natural taste to render combinations like chocolate or cinnamon pretty gross in my opinion.

From a branding stand-point though, I can imagine quite a few of them being hard to differentiate (échalotes vs petits oignons). As a side note, I'm glad to see that they're still spelling oignon the way nature intended. #JeSuisCirconflexe

My biggest complaint about chips is that so many delicious flavored chips only come in ridge chips. Kroger Prime Rib & Horseradish, Brim's Memphis Baby Back Ribs, Herr's Kansas City Prime Steak - all great flavors ruined by being ridge chips.
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I’m a ridge chip lover all the way!

mike9 mike9 that’s so sweet of you to think of me! My dietician did alert me to that and thankfully I’m not much of a fan of flavored chips except for Utz sour cream and onion and those are safe.

Here’s another couple of unique finds hehe
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