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I'm thinking about revamping my wedding cake specialties. I have the basics:
Ex: choc. cake w/ raspberry puree,raspberry ganache.
Lemon zested wht. cake w/ raspberry puree & lemon curd,& wht. choc. lemon buttercream.
Choc cake w/ mocha buttercream, brushed w/ Kahlua & Brandy.
Just to name a few.
Would like to add more creative flavors, maybe Pear William to the list.
Any suggestions on any interesting concoctions out there. Preferabably weather friendly(non-mousse types)
Thanks all you sweet tooths.
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My personal faves:

Carrot Pineapple w/ cream cheese filling.

Hazelnut and Apricot, with praline buttercream.
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non-egg chocolate mousses really work for me. I add Kahlua to the chocolate mousse and fresh rasp. to the white choc. mousse/cream. I also do a dulce the leche filling, and tangerine curd.
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Poire William is very good in Bavarian cream!

Don't know if it's weather friendly?


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Thanks Momoreg.I actually have Hazelnut,apricot,praline buttercream on my list. Yum!

Angry, I always shy away from mousses that contain eggs & whipped cream.Simply becuz I feel they need to be in the fridge.I do a lot of elaborate decorating on fondant, and they sometimes need to be out for along time. Are the mousses you use w/ cream? Or, are you using a commercial product?

Anybody ever use Bettercream or Pastry Pride instead of real whipping cream? I've never used this type. Heard it doesn't need to be refrigerated. Can someone give some answers. Thanks. :p

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