Flat pricing on Valentine's Day: A Story

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I was fortunate enough to have my girlfriend take me to a nice restaurant on Valentine's Day. She made reservations and we had no problem getting in.

However, when we arrived, were seated, and had partook of the drinks and appatizers, the menu came... and it was one of those deals where you pay a flat price for certain elements due to the holiday.

Now, I've eaten at places like this before, and this restaurant normally doesn't do things like this, and more importantly, this special pricing was not mentioned over the phone during the reservation, though the manager swore it was...

Still, it was quite odd for my girlfriend, who wanted to do something different and treat me, however didn't have the money to pay for their jacked up special prices.

Needless to say, being the night in shining armor that I am, I talked with the manager and arranged to leave after just paying for the appetizer/drinks. Still, it was embarrassing...

Has anyone encountered a simular situation before, or have any advice on how I could have handled this better?

Thanks.... (we did go to another place and had a great time! :D )
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I have learned to call and ask lots of questions before going out to dinner. Last night our family of 5, one in a high chair went for pizza. I called to see if there was a table, high chair, specials, were coupons honored on this "holiday". No problem.

Once I went to a Tai reastaurant and was blown away as Vinnie our gomba waiter took our order for $8.00 apps and $18.00 entrees. When I go out for tai, the meal for four is 25.00. Learned my lesson!!!! (this was a great restaurant but not tai, just tai influenced.$$) :eek:
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