Flat grill tempeture testing

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I just started working as a bartender where I now have to make hamburgers on a flat grill top. I was doing just fine but all of a sudden I noticed that burgers are not going as fast. I keep telling the boss that the grill is not getting hot enough but, he won't listen to me. I turn it on as high as it will go...450 and it is on all day. But still seams like it is boiling the burger in the grease instead of frying it.

How can I personally test the grill to see what temp it is showing. I don't want to buy a tester, just to prove my boss wrong...What can I do?
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I'm kind of confused. Is the meat carmelizing on the flattop when you're searing it? If not that's all the proof you need that it's not hot enough. If your owner can't see that then I wouldn't be working for someone that incompetent.

What fat are you cooking the burgers with?
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A grill thermometer is about ten dollars, available at the restaurant supply store. You aren't buying it to prove the boss wrong. You're buying it to cook correctly and serve good product to the customers. It isn't about who is right or wrong but whether or not there is an equipment problem. 

Given that it's a gas grill, a temp problem most likely means a valve problem. In any case, not something to neglect. 

Generally speaking, a cooking surface is hot enough when water dances around on the surfaces. So you could try that. 

But you need to buy the thermometer so you have accurate measurement. 

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