Flash fried and freeze dried

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by eastshores, Nov 7, 2013.

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    Recently I was looking around at various nuts in my grocer and in the same section stumbled on okra that had been flash fried and freeze dried from what I can tell. The entire thing is in there and they are extremely crunchy. So my mind started wandering and I was thinking it would be interesting to use them in a spice grinder to make a sort of "okra powder". Has anyone experimented with something like that? I believe they make several other foods including french green beans.

    I may try it out with a classic southern dish of okra and stewed tomatoes. I could use gelatin to make a stewed tomato broth cube, add an onion foam, and sprinkle the okra powder on and around. It would be interesting texturally but I'm not sure that the flavors would be balanced.
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    In my personal opinion, if you do a foam and gel, you should have something else to help change the texture, like a crunch of some sort. I know you don't need one but i think it would be better texturally. If you powder the okra, i dont think it would give it as much crunch as you need. i actually have made okra powder, but i used LN2 to freeze it and make snow for some shrimp grits. something really cool also is using Metil to make a hot gel works awesome also. It will make a gel or creamy texture (depending on your ingredients) i use it for hot vanilla bean ice cream and cold molten cake, it will firm when hot and melt when it gets cold.