Fish Feast.....R.L. Steamers

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Well, I just had a tasting dinner ala Chef Justin Keimon at R. L. Steamers in St. Louis....
staters....Diver Scallops Sunomono with cucumbers, avacado, Tobikko, and 4 mo. Ponzu...I've never had raw scallops before, these were etherial.

Tempura soft shell crab with soy ginger special request, and I was not disapointed

Baked oysters in the shell iwth bacon, cheese and herbs..the marigolds on the hot rock salt had an amazing herbal scent...wonderful flavor.

Peppered seared tuna atop sesame soy tossed greens and pickled ginger...served cold and spicy.

Grilled mahi mahi topped with tomatoes, vidalia onions, olive oil, basil on penne with haricot verte and wax beans.

Pan searer grouped wiht basmati rice snow peas and carrots finished with grilled pineapple, and spiced honey rum sauce...!!!!

Belgium endive, strawberries, fresh figs!!!, pine nuts and Maytag blue..yummmy

a jumbo prawn stuffed with blue crab in an avacado, chipotle cream with corn relish...
I told Justin this sould bring me into the kitchen to kiss his feet

Bing cherry ice cream with chocolate and vanilla sauces...."Cherries Garcia" without the choc chunks....wonderful.

3 1/2 hours of fresh fish dining in St. Louis....I didn't believe that the quality of fish got this far inland....or that a chef would care for and pay for that quality. Amazing.
This is right up there guys. I recommend it to anyone coming this way.
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I just gnawed off my own arm in envy ... hmmmm tasted kind of like toro sushi ... :p

Sounded deliriously wonderful. What's with the name, though? R.L. Steamers sounds like a clam shack on Cape Cod.
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Amazingly this restaurant is in suburbia USA
where there are suits next to shorts and polos....hey, I sat outside and read the new gourmet cover to cover as the courses kept coming out.
It was trully memorable. Could have been in a white linen fine dining....guess then I woulda had to wear high heels...This guy has the touch.
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