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Living here in Florida thre are articles I read everyday regarding fish. Yesterday in our local paper I read some new ones..

86 % of the fish in USA is imported, a lot of it from farms outside USA not subject to any local inspection

.Less then 2 % of the total fish imported is inspected by the USDA..

There is a better chance that frozen supermarket fish is inspected then fresh fish from a fish market..

In many cases  fresh fish from up North takes at least 4 days to get to Florida what with time at sea, middleman and fish monger and shipping where most imports are caught and flash frozen on the processing factory ships. Not even held for 1 day.

Organic, and some of the health food store sold fish is not inspected in many cases.

Most frozen fish is glazed. That means sprayed or dipped in water or a solution  then frozen. It could add up to 12 %  to weight of fish. What this means is if your paying lets say $3.00 a pound, you are really paying $3.36 per pound as you can't eat water.

The industry has changed so much over the years that it  is unbelievable.

 Broken fish filets and scraps are now molded and mixed together to form breaded fish filets and fish stix  that most of fast food places use.( It used to be sold to cat food canneries.)

Oh well, Only in America  EJB
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