Fish and Chips Recipes

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I do this when I make home fries for breakfast. Slice the potatoes nice and thick and then parboil. Better if they cool overnight, but I usually forget and end up boiling that morning then dicing and frying them after they only get a quick cold water bath. Still less starchy and more evenly cooked then just frying raw.

One place here in Salt Lake used to use salmon for the fish, it was good, but I prefer cod or halibut, save the salmon for other methods.

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No worries, as our Australian friends would say!

BTW - it's WHISKY (without an 'e') for Scotland's finest export, with an 'e' for American-style whiskey and the Irish stuff, too!:D
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That's a new one on me Ishbel.
Never heard of the saltnsauce. Dundee is salt and vinegar too.

Speaking of with an "E", have you ever tried Paddy's. It's and Irish blended that tastes like a malt. Pure dead brilliant
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I think the saltnsoss is an Borders/Edinburgh/Fife variation, Bughut - Dundonians are too far north for the 'effect' to have reached, mebees?!!!

Nope, haven't heard of Paddy's - I'll huvva wee shoofty for it when next in he booze depaartment!
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Ye cud try Clantarfal, fer 'tis a braw and bonnie drink. Nae blendin' about it, and muckle the better of Paddy's. Soft as a wee bairn's bottom.

A dram's a dram for a' that,
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The best batter recipe I came up which I don't have exact measurements
I just eye ball it.
about 1 cup of self rising flour add a little salt, then add h2o till batter kind of pasty, then add club soda to a milky consistance.
have pan of dry flour either AP or rice depending how crispy u want it. the latter giving u the most crispy. dunk fish in wet batter and roll in dry. then fry

the best chip recipe was one from herbert keller. He peeled potatoe let it soak in water for 24 hours then cut it into frys then let soak another 24 hours. then fry for few min let cool then fry again.
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Clantarfal? OK, I'll add it to the offie search.. :cool:
But, have to admit, I'm not much of a whisky drinker (that'd be my husband in this house!) and then I have so many Scottish malts to choose from that I've never had to look further afield.
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here is more :rolleyes::

3 cups flour
2 tablespoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon cili powder
1 tablespoon paprika
2 flat tablespoon turmeric
2 tablespoon baking powder
2 tablespoon cornstarch
330cc beer (san miguel is great...)
600cc milk

mix the dry first and add all the liquid...enjoy...

Amir Arie
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It's me. Long time since I posted a thread.

I was just going through the posts and thought I would add the very best fish batter I have come up with so far for home cooking. We have a place up here in the frozen north (Don't know if it is an American Company) called THE BULK BARN. They sell everything for home cooking including  a Fish &Chip Batter. It is without doubt the very best Take-out batter recipe I have ever tried. The instructions come on a little piece of paper near the bin where you buy the batter flour. It works great for Halibut, cod and Haddock. Give it a try!!
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