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    I have just got back from a few weeks holiday in Cambodia. It was a bit if a trek, and took me almost 26 hours to get home (long layover in KL /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rolleyes.gif   ) but it was an amazing place with some very nice people and beautiful food. I made sure I ate traditional Khmer rather than Western and thought I would share with you my most favorite dish of the trip (and funnily enough, it wasn’t the fried tarantulas..) Fish Amok. 

    Fish Amok is a very traditional dish made with coconut milk, yellow kroeung (it's a curry paste, you can also make red kroeung and I believe the above was made with that instead), bell peppers, kaffier lime leaves, thai basil egg, sugar, napa cabbage leaves, lemongrass and freshwater fish. The top fluff’s up like a soufflé when cooked and you traditionally serve it in a banana leaf (the above was in half a coconut shell). It looks pretty and smells divine. You serve it with sticky rice.

    I sampled Amok at a few restaurants to see how they differed. The one above was by far the very best, and was eaten at The Sugar Palm Restaurant in Seim Reip. The ingredients seem to be basically the same (you can substitute fish for tofu or prawns, I had a lobster one which was very nice at Raffles in Phnom Penh) but each restaurant seems to add their own twist. I believe that there is a recipe for Fish Amok in Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey, if anyone has it.

    Whilst out there I bought a cookery book called "From Mother to Daughter" and I am planning of trying to recreate some if the delicious meals I had in Cambodia at home. Some I may not be able to recreate as I might not be able to get all of the ingredients, but I think I'll be ok with most.

    I hope you enjoyed reading about this dish, if you can get hold of a recipe I'd 100% recommend you give it a go!

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