first year looking to move to second

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hey so iv been in my apprentiship for about 13 months now. in that time iv touched on basic prep and knife skills, stocks, soups and desserts(i also work the line most nights as we are under staffed). now i know with what iv learnt im stilll quiet a ways off second year but im asking what skills i need to accumulate to be an effective second year. iv already the speed for most things. should i start looking into filleting fish, trying my hand at making the porchetta. are these things i should be doing or is that third year. im in a very small italian restaurant with a kitchen team of 3 chefs dosnt include me another bran new first year and the owner doing prep work as well. we recently lost our head chef which sucks so i dont really know how im gonna get marked off and progress onto second year but we'll see what the new year has in offer.
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Move at your own speed.......don’t worry about where
an apprenticeship program is telling you where you should be and if you want to learn something and someone is willing to show you then do it.
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