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Joined Dec 22, 2009
Hello everyone! Just joined this blog today. I'm a home cook who loves every aspect of trying out new recipes and cooking techniques.
Joined Aug 29, 2000
Hello and welcome to Chef Talk. We're happy you found us and hope you take time to get acquainted with the site. We have...
  • Discussion Forums (of which the Welcome Forum is one)- each has a list of threads on individual topics. The Professionals' forums are 'read only' for home cooks like you and me.
  • Cooking articles
  • Photo galleries
  • Blogs (which are being taking down, perhaps to return in the future)
  • The main Chef Talk site, which has more recipes, job listings, etc.
The search tool will help you find specific conversations. Of course, there are helpful moderators to answer questions about this online community.

What are your cooking interests? How did you get into cooking? We hope you visit and participate often. Welcome!



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