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good morning.
this is my first visit to the website and i look forward to networking with other chefs around the globe. my main objective in chatting is to possibly find a connection to someone in an area that could be a possible location for me to move to in the near future. it's not easy in upstate new york to meet others with my wide range of interests and styles in the culinary genre so i need help from outside to get the **** out of here. any feedback is appreciated. thanks!
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Welcome to Chef Talk Cafe, Hathead. We're glad you found us. Please tell us a bit more about yourself here in the Welcome Forum, than head out to the other forums and join in the conversations.

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Hello Hathead! I left northern New York in 1984 and have only been back once. I grew up three hours north of Albany so I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm curious what this recent winter storm is doing up by you??:(
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hey hathead welcome aboard,
the grass is always greener etc...i think todays chefs are the modern gypsies with seemingly many wishing to or working around the world..i gather works hard generally in the us with not
much downtime...still you live in a fantastically diverse city...myself i wanna go to vancouver which i gather is like uk wet & windy but the real estates a fraction of the good too.
well all you have to do is jump on a plane, although that has its risks at the moment too.
see ya
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