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Hi everyone. First time here. Many questions to follow im sure. My title Vegan Hunter is becoming my new nickname in a few places. Im a macho male chovanistic cave man convert to the veggi side a number of years ago after a fairly intense battle with cancer. As time has progressed and as my cancer has left the building I have become more and more vegan. Today i still eat a few eggs and seafood from time to time but mostly so i can eat out in public without making it to difficult on my non conforming friends and sometimes its hard to find a vegan meal even in the NW where there seem to be more vegans than a lot of places.

These days I cook most of my evening meals and half my lunch meals from scratch. Ive become a label reader and a putter back on the shelfer as a result. Ive always cooked even when i was very young comes from my moms side of the family they fed an army of cousins aunts and uncles as I come from a what used to be a close knit farming family.

I make home pizza without a can or box we due use processed flour but short of that and the pickled olives very little proceesed ingredients make it into the foods I cook.

I still hunt and fish. My family who has kind of been forced into this healthier living program also finds themselves making and ordering veganish more and more often. So its had a positive impact on them as well. Dont get me wrong I can still cook a great steak when the need arises I just dont eat them.

Ive got a couple of questions that Im going to post if I can find the right forum. Great to find this forum though.

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