First time in charge of a kitchen

Joined Jul 24, 2016
Im a culinary student with roughly 6 years hospo experience and this is the first time ive had a managerial position.

The kitchen is a rather small operation, a Cafe open for breakfast and lunch. The owner has no qualified chef working for him but he has a consultant with 20 years hotel kitchen experience. The owner is new, only been open since November but he is running at a loss and thats where I come in. Also, Ill be living in the apartment above he Cafe.

Im charged with organizing the kitchen, cutting down on wastage, baking baguettes and pide bread instead of having to order, adding or improving items on the menu, running a breakfast service and to somewhat dicipline the other staff.

So what im asking is.. Does anyone have any advice or comment or suggestions for improvements? If you would like to ask about something specific then go ahead. Thanks fir your time.
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