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I'm a young career changer (23yrs) and have my first stage set up at a fine dining french restaurant near my home. Having never worked in restaurant before, I mentioned I was just looking to gain experience and they said I should come in to see if I'm a good fit for an 'extended stage.'I know generally what to expect as a stage but I'm worried that without any experience I'll be too raw to make a good impression especially as this is the quality reataurant where I'd expect even stages to have experience. What advice is there for someone like me who is going to be severly outclassed by everyone in the kitchen?
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I'd say, use your youth to your advantage. Appear eager to learn, hard-working, and passionate. Answer yes chef when spoken to by a sous or executive chef. Keep your work station clean and organized at all times. If you demonstrate that you are clean, organized, determined, and hard-working, good things usually follow.

Good luck.
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No one has experience until they get experience. There are always going to be people with more. There are always going to be people with less. Some people gain and grow from their experiences. Some, not so much. Get the most out this experience that you can while you are having it, as it will make you ready for the next one.
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well sad to both posters, going in there shows a lot and your ability to be humble please don't ever lose. you can never get better if you don't try so go in eager, listen to what your told and give it your all, You may or may not get it, but regardless it will teach you something,  I had a sous who once told me when I would get down on myself, "remember, it's just food" every time I am stressed in the kitchen I hear that and it helps me, hopefully it will do the same for you. Congrats on your new life :) you will go far with passion, humility and eagerness, don't let me leave out hard work lol 
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