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    Hi, I recently got a job working in a local gastropub, i have been doing prep early morning, but my chef offered me a chance to try out on the line. I am super excited, but nervous. I was wondering a few things and hoped i could find help here so I am prepared..

    I was wondering how the line works basically..

    So when a server takes a customers order for the app and entree at the same time who's job is it to get them out at the right time? Like does the server put both dishes through on the ticket and its the chefs job to figure out when to start the entree after the app has gone or does the server like stagger them so the guys on the line only worry about whats in front of them kind of thing..

    I know this might sound like a stupid question to most of you guys..

    I would just really appreciate some advice to help me start well.

    thanks :)
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    Hi welcome.

    No such thing as a stupid question.

    In fact, both those scenarios you posed can be the flow. Many other ways too I suppose.

    They may even have the servers put in a chit ( order , ticket etc) saying when to Fire. I.E

    Ding ding ding ( machine spews forth a paper) ,

    FIRE table 15 second App!!!!!

    More likely its up to the cooks though.

    Good luck!!!
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    ORDERING - let's you know what's coming up, keep it in mind, check your mise so you know if you need more of something.

    FIRING / PICKING UP - means start cooking whatever your part is so it all comes up at the pass at the same time.

    ORDER FIRE - Get cooking that immediately. I normally hear this when there was a screw up in the order or someone dropped something.

    Do not be the guy that lets plates die under the heat lamps.

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    Hiya Newbie!! Welcome!!

         My first question is where exactly does he have you?  If you're NOT calling tickets, which I would assume you wouldn't be at this point....then you're job is simple....LISTEN...Now, every kitchen has a slightly different system when it comes to tickets and the firing of appetizers and entrees...But the objective is the same....Timely firing of appetizers and entrees that ensure an enjoyable dining experience for the customer with minimal wait time.....I can't honestly explain, given my personal experience,  every possible system used.  What should be happening despite all this is that an appetizer should be fired and sent out and it is the job of the wait staff to time the firing of the entree(s) so that they are in the window at the appropriate time...In your case, as I've should be listening to the calling of the tickets.  Fire when you're told to fire.....simple...Keep your eyes and ears open and watch everything.......IMO the best way to learn what's going on on the line....Think of yourself as a sponge and absorb everything you're taught and, if possible, watch what others are doing....It'll make it that much easier to acclimate to that next spot when the chef asks you to jump in there......Another bit of advice....don't be the guy that has to be told how to do something twice.......The ability to take on and master new tasks is an invaluable trait of a great line cook...And the Chef will notice you....I promise....Good luck my friend!!