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Excellent advice, and you will still find this rugged performer indispensable when you upgrade to the next level.
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I have a MAC HB-85 and I can attest to its quality. Same steel (MAC "Original" steel) as most of the MAC "Mighty" Professional knives, just without a sintered bolster. The knife is 2.0mm thick, and is not as "whippy" as you might first guess from that thickness.

You won't regret it.

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Shun Premier's are great looking knives and solid performers, but way overpriced imho and myself personally, I don't like all that belly.

I've owned a Shun Classic, my good friend has a premier and I many years ago gifted 2 different Shun Edo's which I have used a decent amount. I've found in my personal experience that they are a bit of a PITA to sharpen to a standard I prefer.

Idk if I'd personally say Chevy quality for Benz money, but I do believe you're paying more for the aesthetics and the name, then the functionality and performance for sure. You can get much better knives, which are easier to bring back to life on the stones for less money, let alone the same money, then a Shun, especially the Premiers. But I don't believe they're actually bad knives.
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Idk if I'd personally say Chevy quality for Benz money,

How about Volvo money for a VW? ;-)~

Big belly, high tip, way too thick at the edge, steel whose allure wore off long ago, as you intimated the numbers speak for themselves, not something to spend $150 on (typical selling price) for an 8" chefs. Especially when you can still get a Tojiro DP for less than half that.
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Well ...

Is Shun going out of business? People seem to keep buying their products. French style ... German ... Japanese ... different strokes for different folks. Everyone spends their own money. Everyone gets to feel however they want to feel ... this, I don't believe, should necessarily be influenced by anyone else's opinion. My go-to knife, as I've said numerous times ad nauseam ... is a 1974 vintage Chicago Cutlery. (viewable in my "Dish of the Month" post). I'm very happy with it. Who is to challenge me on my own opinion? Everyone knows my cockyness in the skills department. Capitalism ... You charge what the market will bare ... until you go out of business.

The last M-Benz I had was disgustingly expensive to repair. I've also bought a couple-3 used Volvos for cheap Chevy money. The one that got stolen was a '68 P1800. WOW ... that was a cool car.
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Hello everyone.

Let's make this quick and easy, yet informative (so i don't waste too much of your time)

I've already read a ton of stuff about knifes (sadly after i made a purchase). I bought the shun premier knifes et. Now the more i read, the more it seems like i made a bad purchase.
I'm still able to return the product until a week from now.
I'm from Denmark, i really don't know what i prefer, because i've only ever delt with low quality knifes.

To make you help me i will inform you why i bought them.
Here is what i like about the shun premier.
The handle.
The way the look.
The fact that (what the seller told me) they only need to be sharpend maybe every 8 month or so.

What i'm unsure about.
The fact that they might spliter.
The fact that he might have sold me a product that don't live up to the price.

So my question to the experts in here are.
Return them or not?
And what should i buy in i choose to return them.

Thank you in advance.

That is funny my first knife was also a shun, then later I kind of also regretted it.
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you need to check local laws on mail order knives. as far what knife, go to a kitchen supply store and see what they have, touch and feel. this is from the UPS website about shipping to Denmark:
Knives with blades 6.0 cm (2.4 in.) or longer require permission from the police. Single handed operated knives are prohibited by law and illegal to import.
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There are quite a number of merchants, like Knives + Stones, who have had no problems shipping all over the world.
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I’m new to this site and I hope I can help in this debate. I had the same problems when I was looking for knives. I like quality stuff and I wanted to upgrade my knives. The problem is there are SO many knife makers out there and so many opinions on the subject that if I wasn’t bald already I would be know. The short answer that I’ve found to this dilemma is that this purchase is just like buying anything else, it’s about you and what you want!! Only you will use them, only you will care for them. I do not understand people tearing down other knives ( unless they came from a big box store) it’s about personal preference and budget. I would love to have a REAL Bob Kramer but that will probably never happen!! Shun knives are great knives period I own 6 of them along with Messermeisters, Wusthof Consakas and others! I love them!! But again it’s me, others may not. They have great edge retention and look good too! I’m lucky enough to have a knife shop near me, so I have all my knives sharpened every 6 months, the rest of the time I maintain them. Any knife of good quality will last a lifetime if you take care of it properly. But what YOU want and if you don’t like them sell them and get something else, but hopefully you haven’t sold them they will be great knives for you, give them a chance!! Happy Cooking!!
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When it comes down to it ya gonna be chopping kilos of onions. Kinda like my fancy bicycle: it don’t pedal its own self up the hill. Getcha a tool suited to the task. Bang on it hard. If ya break it, get another or a different one. Then get back to work.
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Such a personal thing.

I use only one company, from the US. New West Knives. Based out of Montana, I truly appreciate the craftsmanship and for some reason the handles are both completely unique in their style and perfectly complementary to my grip. Which is all I care about after long hours of daily use.

The last plug I will give them, is they replace knives worn down by sharpening, at 50% cost (takes me about 7 years to do that, but it’s made me a repeating customer).

I like Shun, but only when preparing Eastern dishes, and I just don’t do that to the regularity to warrant an Eastern Knife Manufacturer.

In terms of cost, New West aren’t cheap.

I just figured with the normal names being thrown around, I would throw out a weird one.

Good Practices,

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