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Hi everyone! I've been reading this forum for a few hours now but having some trouble deciding on knives to get. My parents want to get me a few knives as a present - they wanted to get cutco santoku but I haven't heard good things about I need to decide what I would like. I only cook vegetarian food, but rarely other people may use them to cook meat.

As for feel/fit I like the Wusthof classic, Mcusta Zanmai (VG-10 2P), and Misono 440s. I think the japanese style knives are better choices though. I can't find any reviews of the Mcusta and little about the Misono 440 series online. I was thinking about a chef's knife (around 8"), a petty/paring/utility and possibly a santoku. I've also heard great things about MAC but have yet to hold them in person. 

I'm really confused the difference between the two japanese ones and do not know the better choice. They both feel good in my hand. What do you think are better knives? As for the choices, I am really open to the types of knives. Which types do you think would be best for my needs? I do not know how to sharpen them now but I am willing to take classes to learn how. Do the dimples really make a difference? I'm also very open to other ideas beside what I mentioned here.

Thanks so much! Your help is very appreciated. :)

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What's your budget? What are your ambitions? Are you looking to buy one knife or a bunch? What's your sharpening and maintenance plan, if any?

Cutco is garbage from start to finish, so scrap that. But beyond this, we need a lot more information before we can really help you find knives that will make you happy.
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My budge would be $500 total I would say. I'm from Toronto, Canada but am going to the US soon so if it's cheaper I will buy them there. I wouldn't say I have any ambitions in cooking but I really love to cook as a hobby. I think two or three knives makes sense for my needs - a paring, santoku/chef's and possibly another type. Since I am vegetarian I want something that is good for all types of veggies. How many and what types would be appropriate? I'd like something lower maintenance, and I would most likely get it sharpened professionally at first. I would consider learning how to in the future but this isn't the best time for me to learn. 

Thx again!!

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