First big dinner, Biggest dinner of my career

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by kdirwinsscc, Jun 7, 2017.

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    i work in a country club and our executive resigned on us out of the blue a couple weeks back, this makes me a interim chef. this next saturday we have a 4 day event with the final big meal saturday night, im plating for about 150 people, all members and their guests to promote new membership. i have little experience with menu ideas and i seem to stump myself alot, i need brainstorm ideas from people, it will be 40-50$ per plate and i want to do a surf and turf of sorts, last year we did scallops and filet mignon. any ideas are welcome, also need a fun light salad and a dersert. GO and thanks! 
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    What ideas do you have already?  Is there a theme for the event that could point you in the right direction.  Are you doing a starter? I guess we need more info about the event, your specific set of cooking skills, and what type of food you want to make.  Off hand and within seasonal ingredients I would say:

    - arugula salad with grilled artichoke hearts and chevre with lemon dill vinegraitte

    - grilled lamb chops with roasted fingerling potatoes and minted mashed pea puree

    - real strawberry shortcake made with fresh shortcake biscuits, slightly macerated strawberries and fresh whipped cream (can't go wrong with this one)
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    Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.....

    I have to ask........If this gig is next Saturday, wouldn't the menus have been worked out weeks ago, before the Exec left?

    And...where is management to back you up?

    Are they aware of your inexperience?  

    Is management willing to trust your inexperience against the country club families and guests?
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    County club, surf and turf.  Never fails.

    You got the filet, do an 8oz, you got red wine, and you have demi.

    Go get some pre breaded tempura shrimp, fry them up, hold under the heat lamp.  Teriyaki glaze in a squeeze bottle and stripe them with sauce just before plating.

    Make some colorful veg, and a small twice baked potato.

    Your boss will love you.