Finishing Short Ribs

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I have been working on a recipe for short ribs and seem to have got it down. I want to serve it as a special at my restaurant but have some logistics questions.

1. After braised and liquid is reduced, do i refrigerate and reheat or hold in warming table.

2. if hold in warming table, how can i avoid it drying out. just leave it in braising liquid?

Any other comments would be appreciated as well.
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Either way is good. if you are not using right away refrig and when cold remove fat then reheat. the ribs must always be under liquid so thy don't dry out. some of the liquid you cooked them in can be used to make a great gravy for them. i would put a julianne of celery onions carrots in the gravy ( A la Jardenairre)
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i worked at a place that we braised the ribs and then grilled them to order to get them worm. worked out well
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