Finishing in the Oven

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On the cooking shows, the chefs cook an item on the top of the stove, but finish it in the oven. What is the procedure for doing this? What temp is the oven? Is this just to keep the food warm or to carry over the food?
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it's a quick cooking technique sometimes called pan roasted or a little inaptly called pan seared. typically the oven is set anywhere from 350-500 degrees (this depends usually on how many times an hour you plan on reaching into the oven over your shift) and the pan is flesh searingly hot.

the standard dish goes..... oil in pan, toss a little minced shallot and garlic in, let sit about 15 seconds, toss in any other herbs you are using if you haven't rubbed it on yer protein .. toss in protein, let sear till color develops (color=flavor) turn, sear some more on the other side ... at this stage you could add a little wine or vinegar or some broth or other sauce this lifts caramelized meats off the pan and gives the vinegar time to lose acidity and wine/booze its alcohol and both time to lose water... unless you have a very thin filet of protein the inside meat is barely warm while the outside is a hot and lovely crunchy doneness . place pan in oven (some people add a knob of butter at this stage, it's good ) and wait till appropriate doneness is achieved.. do it alot and you don't even think about it after a while.
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I like use panko bread crumbs on both chicken and fish.

If I'm getting very thick fillets/breasts and I'm going to be lazy and leave them as is I will set the oven for about 400 prior to pan frying. If you leave it in long enough to cook the fish/chicken the bread crumbs will be burned otherwise.

So I get both sides nicely golden brown and then put the fish in the oven for approximately 8 minutes for the catfish I normally get (quite thick), and if its a VERY thick chicken breast it can be up to 20 for the chicken (normally about 15). If I don't do this, they will still be raw in the center after the pan fry.

They always come out quite nice.
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