Finding an aersol/solvent free spray bottle.

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Im not looking for a mechanical spray bottle, but a spray bottle that is not manufactured with solvents.

I know i can go to home depot and pick one up, but im afraid that the spray bottle would have oils left in it from manufacturing, they are meant for chemicals so i can only assume that the bottle would have oils and stuff left over.

Also how well would these plastics hold up to vinegars? I assume pretty well because they have stand up against harsh chemicals.

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Try a kitchen gadget store. They usually have those "pump and spray" bottles that are meant for spraying olive oil and the like.

What do you want to spray?
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What happened to the other replies?

Bisphenol A is used in many polycarbonate containers. It has had its fair share of scrutiny. It is also used in cans as a sealant and other plastic drinking bottles.

Any mechanism that atomizes a liquid will likely use more than one type of plastic. The plastics industry is not as well regulated as you would think, and for many years said there was no risk in the use of certain chemicals in the production of polymers intended for contact with humans or food products. They are a large lobby group. It should also be noted that the FDA isn't necessarily the most neutral or unbiased source for identifying dangerous or harmful products. They have a revolving door with industry, like BigPharma, and much of the legislation is written by former employees of said industries. 

Either way, you can't avoid plastics in the pump mechanism even if you get a stainless steel container. It also depends of frequency of use, temperature, the type of plastic, and the type of liquid you are using. 
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Kirt231 seems to have posted the same original topic "?" in two(2) different threads. Maybe some of you are confused by that?
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