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i will be graduating from the BPS program from the CIA soon and i am just scratching the service of that jobs out there. i havent looked for jobs on the net yet... can anyone recomend any place to look for jobs on the net?

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Are you interested in hotels, restaurants, bakeshops?

Here in the Boston area the big hotels/restaurants either post jobs on their own websites (check early and often) or on They also have their own telephone hot-lines.

In my days in biotech, I advertised on our company's website, and on Moster. Monster was a couple hundred dollars for a month - the Boston Globe was $2,000 for a small, one-time ad and cost even more if you wanted the listing available on-line. You do the math!

Bear in mind that not all the jobs on a company website are actually like, real jobs ;) Somepostings are either fishing for whatever might be out there, or just filling up the space. That's why checkign often helps - when there's something new - and real - you recognize it.

I had an automatic search/notification set up on Monster, heard about a job at a big name restaaurant in Boston the day it was posted, told a friend who was looking, and a week later she had the job!

Wishing you the same luck in finding the right fit... :D
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I wish you a lot of luck, Isaac. Through all of your posts you exhibit a lot of enthusiasm and curiousity. But I wonder if anyone else has noticed that background noise...ta-pocketa, ta-pocketa, ta-pocketa. What is that, anyway? Isaac's mind in high gear?
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Some ideas: try your school's placement department!

Professional organizations: many have job listings. If you're even a student or junior member, you'd have access.

Dream list: write to the chefs who are best at what you love (chocolate, right?) and ask their advice. If you're able to, visit some of them. You never know! ;)

Other food sites have job listings; a couple I know are:
On the Rail -- although this one is very San Francisco-centric;
Star Chefs -- they have listings AND a pretty helpful newsletter

You might want to stick with specific food/hospitality employment sites. I don't think the general ones understand us :cry: ;)
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