Find Catering Leads in 2016

Joined Jul 2, 2016
In 2009 I had a food truck so I would contact the office manager and ask if I could bring my food truck during lunch time. By doing this it was super easy getting catering jobs because customers were already hooked.

Long story short I sold my food truck to raise a family. Now that my kids are older I'm ready to jump back in the game. So I started a legit catering biz.

I'm doing adwords, on google maps, on all the top directories, great reviews on Yelp & google. BUT I'm not getting calls for catering. How are you getting new leads in 2016?

I want to cater memorial services, birthday, anniversary parties, along that line. Can't do weddings yet because my liquor license is still pending.

Are you using website leads? I need help.
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