Finaly registered after 6 years

Joined Apr 23, 2011
Well it took me 6 years to register on C.T. Ihave  logged on multiple times a day, everyday for all these years.  I mainly scan the cooking and food discussion forum.

 I will be interjecting comments, suggestions, out of the box, shoot from the hip and tried and true solutions to other knowledge seeking members. I am constantly in the absorb and steel w/ your eyes mode.

I have worked over 30 years in the professional kitchen spanning from N.Y.C. to points West... and South to the Keys.

To the Founder of Chef Talk  Great Job on a first class web site keep up the good work!!!!
Joined Jan 5, 2007
We're glad you decided to join in - six years is a very, very long apprenticeship!

I hope you will join in on any thread you find interesting or start your own in the relevant forum.  If you've been 'looking in' for so long, you KNOW how good the articles, reviews, photographs etc are, so I don't need to go into great detail there!

I hope to see you around the boards!
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