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Hello to everyone.  I am a semi-retired Cordon Bleu (England) chef who has been in the business for forty years.  My background has included restaurant and country club work as well as a television show co-host, proprietor of a cooking school and a food writer.  Currently I am working in an industry that I would have considered a massive cop out when I was younger.  The back and knees can no longer tolerate the long days and I am utilizing my skills part time in long term care where I take great pride in improving the presentation and palatability of meals at lunch and dinner service for about one hundred seniors.  With an hour and a half to slam out two lunch entrees in three textures, previous experience is certainly a boon.
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Welcome to the site--Please join in and help some of the youngsters--I'm a =n old off premice caterer--Mike---
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Welcome aboard Chef.Glad to see you're keeping your hand in the madness. 

Looking forward to the many bits of wisdom & experience you can offer us all. 



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Welcome chef agreed please jump in and help out with the pro-forms there are many questions about catering and pricing glad you joined let us know if you have any questions
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