fillings for cake ?

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I am planning on a cake that will have a blueberry and lemon curd filling, but will be covered in fondant, if I use a store lemon curd will I still have to refrigerate?   If I don't use lemon curd what else could I mix with the blueberry to have the lemon filling too?  Also, the fondant layers should be in cake boxes if placed in refrigerator?   Also, when stacking the cake layers what cake boards do most use?  It will only be two layers, but each layer 4" , this is all new to me, and am learning!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif
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It depends on what kind of lemon curd you buy... I would imagine most varieties would need to be refrigerated since homemade lemon curd is made with eggs and butter, but maybe a processed store-bought curd is formulated differently.  Check the packaging that it comes in, and it will say "Refrigerate After Opening" if it's required.  Look carefully because sometimes it's in very small print.  If the package doesn't say it anywhere, it probably doesn't need refrigeration... but to be certain you can call the company's customer service number and ask.  The number, too, will be printed on the packaging.

The thing about fondant and refrigerators is that the fondant tends to get little droplets of condensation after it's kept in the fridge.  You can prevent the worst of it by putting the cake with the fondant into an air-tight container like a large tupperware or a tightly lidded cake dome \ cake carrier.  A cardboard cake box probably won't help much unless you make it air-tight by putting the whole cake box into something else that has a tight lid, or you could try wrapping the outside of the box with a plastic trash bag or maybe a few layers of plastic wrap.

As far as using something else besides lemon curd... the first thing that comes to mind is lemon pie filling, the kind that comes in a can.  But it isn't nearly as thick as lemon curd so that might be an issue.
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