Filet de boeuf en croute -- need advice

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Okay, I know how this is supposed to be done:

Trim the tenderloin perfectly, remove all silver skin and such, then fold the tail under the middle so it's as even a cylinder as possible. Season, brush with melted butter, and lay on a sheet of brioche or puff pastry. Fold the pastry around the meat, trim, seal the edges well with egg yolk, brush the top with an egg yolk-milk wash, and bake about 35 minutes at about 450F.

Now for reasons I don't want to get into here, having nothing to do with food, I don't want to do it quite this way.

What I want to do is to cook the tenderloin sous vide in advance, to the perfect rare target temperature, then refrigerate. On the day, surround with pastry and bake long enough that the pastry is beautiful and the meat is hot but not any hotter than my target temperature was.

So here are my questions:
  1. Is this a bad idea, and if so, why?
  2. Brioche or pate feuilletee?
  3. Time and temperature for the final bake?
Many thanks in advance!
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Let me amplify a bit, since I seem mysteriously to have stumped people (not to mention it's the holidays, so everyone's busy).

Seems to me that the classic approach -- baking the whole thing about 35 minutes at about X temperature -- leaves you in grave danger when it comes to how well cooked the meat is. I mean, no control at all. So I thought I'd completely control the thing by doing it in advance, sous vide, to the perfect temperature.

But it seems like the dough is going to have to cook about 30 minutes at 450 to get brown and flakey. In which case, the meat may be totally overcooked.

On the other hand, I could precook sous vide, refrigerate, and then roll the dough around a dead-cold cooked filet. The dough would protect it against the heat, and it's cold anyway, so by the time the dough is ready it's just nice and warm again.

Has nobody done this? Or does anyone have a better suggestion for a workaround?
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Season and mark off on the grill. Used to do these for 3-400 ppl, always came out MR. Wrap in puff pastry, Don't forget the duxelle and pate.
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