Fiddlehead recipes galore

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To anyone on this forum who loves fiddlehead greens as much as I do

There is a site on Facebook devoted solely to this wonderful green.  There are alot of recipes in their discussion section too.  Hope someone can find this useful

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Fiddleheads are carcinogenic, becareful not to have too many, and to properly was them before eating.
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Although some ferns can be carcnogenic. Fiddlehead ferns have long been consumed safely.  The problem of contimination of the waters around which the fiddlehead grows is however an issue.  There have been some instances of illness from improperly washed or cooked fiddleheads. This article does a good job I thought of explaining

Bracken can be mistaken for fiddleheads by an inexperienced person and is however cancer causing so know your ferns!
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 Just come back from a weekend up around Nordegg which is in the rockies of Alberta.  I know of many large patches of edible plants in this area and fiddleheads were one that I expected to find this weekend.  I did and I'm so glad that I brought my stick of butter, salt, pepper, garlic, lemon, and a little cast iron pan.  I feasted on soo many of those little buggers that I'm typing this while on the loo *Parody alert*.

  Kidding aside, it was nice to have a childhood dish that was a right of spring around these parts.  Can't wait until saskatoon season is here.  
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fiddleheads nI didn't think anyone but me used thoughs, though I must admit it is over ten years and unless you were European you didn't eat them I must say though it was nice to see something so rare still being used. hahahaha.
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