Fiber-free, yeast-free, gluten-free, citrus-free baking for sensitive stomachs?

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I just joined the forum.  I have several dietary restrictions that I'm working with (Gastroparesis, GERD, gastritis, ulcer).  The most important thing for me not to consume is fiber because it can form into a stone (bezoar) in my stomach.  

Flour is an issue because I don't do gluten, but I also don't do fiber, so many of the alternative flours are rough, coarse, or indigestible.  The only things I seem to be able to tolerate are tapioca flour/starch and potato flour/starch.  Baking has proven difficult and all my breads/rolls/muffins are heavy, dense and hard. 

I also can't consume corn flour/ cornstarch, any bean or lentil flour.  I suppose that leaves rice flour, but even the supposedly "fine ground" one I bought was still coarse.  I'd like something like cake flour or pastry flour.

Also wondering what types of techniques I can use while baking to compensate for the lack of ingredients that I'm using.

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can you eat apples? I know they have fiber, however, if they are roasted with sugar and cinnamon, apples on a toasted  pine nut crust  are good and other then fiber content beat what you asked for. Otherwise, you are stuck with custards, gelatos and ice cream.

please tell me you can handle sugar and dairy
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Goya makes a pretty finely ground white rice flour, or if there are asian - oriental markets in your area check them out for flours. try King Arthur baking products also, they make a gluten free cake enhacer(rice based) that really works on texture .
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