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Hey! Is anyone going to Ferrandi for the Pastry course in Sept 2016? :)
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İ am 32 years old i studied tourism recreation in university but not graduate and this year i started a cuisine school in antalya turkey i want to be proffesion for french cuisine after graduate i want to go to paris or nyc ferrandi le cordon bleu or ritz hotel school and cia new york but our teacher say go to switzerland luzern tourism school in tourism luzern prestigous school but in culinary arts ??? Some teachers if you want foreign kitchen they say you must go to italy because after turkish cuisine popular cuisine italian in turkey but i don't want italian culinary if i do foreign culinary i preffer french i cant choose our family has a catering firm in antalya turkey my future in antalya( i want to open culinary school connect with our catering firm) in future but my idea two years work in usa or europe for experience which school i can preffer and i can find work for two years

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