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I live in Seattle and I am experimenting with Indian cooking. I have seen it on many recipes and am curious what kind of flavor it has. I am new to these spices, so I am not able to distinguish that flavor from the dishes I have had with it as an ingredient. 

I love the Karai Gosht that I get at a place called Cedars. In the menu it has  fenugreek leaves but I can not find them at any of the places I normally visit. Anyone have and suggestions? I have not gone to Pike Place(It is Pike... not Pikes, found out the hard way) to look yet because it is rather expensive, however the produce is amazing.

I look forward to your responses. 


mike pitrola

Never worked with the leaves. But I use fenugreek seed in most of my curry blends. You can find that at a whole foods or any specialty market. It has citrus notes. And once toasted is very floral. Indian cuisine is new to me but play around with different spices to find what You like.

Happy Cooking!
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World Spice Merchant in Seattle should have them. Do you want fresh or dried? A sub for fresh is watercress.

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