Fellow Chefs Do You Believe Cocking is Passion

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I strongly believe is nothing but a Passion, Those who love cocking will only be able to deliver best and testy delicious food.

I hope that all of you are agreed with me
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It has to be a passion if what we do is a reflection of who we are. Passion equals quality and the willingness to take the time to create something we are proud of. The passion we have allows us to create something that gives us a sense of self-satisfaction.
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Meh, I don't think you can simplify it to just passion. I think culinary involves a whole gamut of emotions and senses. A home cook can have all the passion in the world and 3 hours to make one dish for two people but that is not a fair comparison to a professional. Good food comes from multiple sources, cooking for friends and family, executing dishes using honed skills like time and detail management, stubbornness, hunger, you get the picture. My mother was never cooking our meals with "passion" but looking back they are some of the best food memories I have. I certainly don't have any passion when I come home late from working all day and throw something together to eat but it doesn't make my food taste worse. Don't get me wrong, I respect people who can have that level of passion for their cooking, it's just not my only motivating factor for it personally.
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My wife is passionate about baseball, despite that fact, she was never a threat on a baseball diamond to the job of Barry Bonds.
Barry Bonds quote about baseball "Baseball is just my job."
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Why do I have the suspicion that some of the best answers were removed by the moderators?? :lol:


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The membership has been well behaved as far as I can tell.
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If I wanted to deal with assholes all day I could have become a proctologist and made 5 times the money. More of an exercise in endurance than anything else. Its a life sentence. This was definitely not by choice. Just a skill I had to fall back on. after a bad accident over 40 years ago.
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