Fee's for Recipe Development/Consulting

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    Hello fellow chefs...

    I come to you with a small dilemma, 

    I have recently begun to work with a brand new restaurant (they are still in construction) and the owner wants to hire me to create a recipe book for the bakery side of the restaurant. 

    This would include taking some of the recipe he gives me and editing them, calculating larger quantities, converting to grams (if needed), adding my own recipes that are missing/ necessary, testing all of the recipes in his restaurant kitchen, typing every single recipe as well as how to make it and to train his bakers on how to make them (or at least supervise for couple of days). Furthermore, through out the year I would also come back and add more recipes as needed.

    I have created recipes before and know how it works, but I was never hired for just private consulting/recipe. My professional background runs mostly in just baking and running small shops. 

    What would something like that cost? Should I charge by hour or just one time fee? What should I include in the contract? 

    I really appreciate your professional opinion

    Thank you in advance