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about choosing a culinary school. I cant decide if i should stay local and go to the le cordon bleu in miami,or if its worth is to move somewhere else to go to a better school. I want to go to CIA in new york but i dont know how i could possibly afford it. is it even worth it to go to a higher rated school? do they teach you more?
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Heya @freddy12712  there are many o' thread on which culinary school one should pick and why. Also lots of threads on if culinary school is a good idea or no. Just go to the search area and search what you are looking for. It also helps us chefs that have answered that question quite a lot and do not wish to keep answering the same question over and over again. This way you will also avoid any snarky answers that may come your way as a result although most of us are good about it. 

My 2 cents on culinary world from the ground up is this: first get a job in a kitchen and accumulate experience in a real kitchen. This will get your foot in the door so to speak and help you with the next decisions you would like to make. If you have done that, then any old community tech or college culinary school will do just fine and not hurt your pocketbook in the long run. Meaning, they supply just as good of info as the extraordinary expensive schools do but for way less money. Here is where the hard part comes: you need to do your homework and put together a plan of action (aka: POA) as to what you would like out of your career in this industry and where you would like to end up. This helps you with all the necessary steps to take to build your career. Culinary school is great for two things: to get your cooking certification (up here it is a Red Seal in Canada) or to get your culinary degree (usually in management and business) so that you can use this to get into the executive positions quicker or if you decide to go a separate way after the degree is done then just having a "degree" no matter what it is gets you far in today's world. 

So to answer your question without all the blah blah: stay local, save money. LCB and CIA do not get you further than the next guy beside you that qualified through a community school. It is your attitude, aptitude and experience that will get you further than the rest, not your school. 

HTH and I wish you all the best in your career /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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