Feeding young'uns

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:D Sounds just like my brood.... :D

I can definately identify with the cantalope rinds fished from the garbage :rolleyes: I have no idea what attraction babies have for the garbage can...especially after they have refused to eat the scrumptious dinner you spent hours preparing. :rolleyes:

Edit: Has anyone ever tried to eat the Gerber Strained Peas.....?? Ugh! Horrible, Horrible stuff.
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Hey shawty , you know the hardest thing with me and my kids was that when they went to school they found out you got three meals a day instead of two ( Lunch , go figure ) . So I was forced to raise my food cost at home and dang them school lunches .
Signed , son of Scrooge .......................

Just joking , but it sounds good . Doug
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