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Hello Gang,

My gf and I are purchasing a house that is under construction.  We are in the design phase of the kitchen at the moment.  We have a design we like, however, there were a few concerns about the layout.  I figured I would get some feedback from the professional cooks to see if there's any major concerns/issues since my gf and I do a fair amount of cooking.  Here's the layout below, I'd love to hear some feedback and possible suggestions to improve.



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Kitchens and bathrooms can run into big bucks - but can add property/ resale value.

I would consider personal cooking needs and wants.

Consult with experts and check out "licensed" contractors.

I cook with gas, so I might look into hookups for same and dishwashers. Lighting is important. Noticed you have an empty back wall. You might move the fridge there, and add more kitchen cabinets extending to the ceiling. I like the clean seamless lines of Swedish designs, and fridge hidden within a cabinet away from the entry. I like and have a small scale somewhat open floor plan where the dining room is adjacent to the kitchen. Currently looking into having some cabinet fronts replaced with glass for an open look.

Shop around on the internet etc. One day cold stainless steel and restoration hardware is in stylè, the next farmhouse sinks and shabby chic is in style. Lots of things to consider.

Do you want a pizza oven or a wine chilling thingamajig? If so, factor them into the plan.
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Hi Ryan, welcome to the forums.  

I don't know how far along you are in the construction process but a principal of home kitchen layout is to have the refrigerator, sink, and stove laid out in a triangle so as to provide easy movement between these three key areas.  You appear to have a large space but without the floor plan it's difficult to tell how the kitchen area works with the rest of the house and access to outdoors and if, for instance, you might make better use of the space on the back wall, or we might otherwise re-orient the kitchen.  I'll be glad to help.  Can you post a floor plan? 

If you must keep the current basic layout, is it necessary to have the area where the breakfast bar is open or could you have a wall there and put the refrigerator on that wall, and move the eating area to the island?  Otherwise I would put the refrigerator to the right of the window which may not be ideal ascetically but would be much more functional.  

Also, a minor point, having the breakfast bar at counter height rather than elevated is something to consider.  It gives you a nice large work area when not being used for eating.  It's a popular alternative. 
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