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Good day folks. Been out of the kitchen for a little over five years and I'm about to interview for a job Tuesday. Thing is being out for this time I'm sure there are many things new and improved food wise that I need to be brought up to snuff on. I'm looking for any bits of advice y'all may have,big or small in detail,that may make this happen that much faster. For the record I'm in the south Texas region.
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Y'know..other then some new health codes, which I am sure you'll find out about soon enough, I don't think 's going to be much different for you. best of luck.
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I do contract work so am often on the beach for 3-4 months. And now because of some medical stuff I have not worked for about 1 1/2 yeara.

Even after a  little time offf I go to the FSA or Sysco websites and see what is new. If you are near a city, the food shows are great. Also spend some time in smaller markets in the area where I will be.

After that long it might not be a bad idea to renew your ServSafe (or it's equivalent in your area), also any health cards required.

Also do some research on who your diners will be? Special tastes, what size of servings will be needed, etc.

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